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° Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts Associated with a Congress, Symposia or Meeting

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2009 – Announcement

We are pleased to announce the manuscript collection for the proceedings of:

The XI Congress of The Brazilian Transplant Society

Simultaneously with the VIII Luso-Brazilian Transplant Meeting

to be held in 
Recife, Brazil

13 to 16 October, 2009

Beginning September 15, 2009 Transplantation Proceedings staff will be on-site at the Congress Center in Recife, Brazil to receive manuscripts and assist authors in any way necessary.  We look forward to continued collaboration with the Brazilian Transplantation Society in publishing groundbreaking transplantation research in the region. 


You will be required to bring 2 copies each of the following: your manuscript text, tables, figures, and two copies required REVISED 2009 form which will be provided.  In addition, please bring a digital copy containing your manuscript in .rtf or .doc format as well as any tables and figures you might have. 

The proceedings of the Congress will appear in the journal, Transplantation Proceedings.  Please refer to the attached REVISED 2009 Guidelines for instructions detailing manuscript preparation.   

Manuscripts must be sized for LETTER and not A4 and the abstract and text must be double spaced.  All submissions must contain a Title Page with the name of the paper, name of authors and ALL AUTHOR’S EMAIL addresses along with the corresponding author designated with the words “Corresponding Author”.  All submissions must contain an abstract of 250 words or less. The body of the manuscript must contain at least 3 typed, double spaced pages and may not exceed 20 pages.  All pages must be numbered.  Full citations in the references are required for publication.  A Table or Figure is also required.  Submission of a manuscript will constitute expression of the author’s commitment to defray the cost of publication.  A publication charge of U.S. $99.95 per manuscript page will be invoiced at the page proof stage of publication of accepted manuscripts.  Please note that there are no charges incurred for the abstract, title page, or correspondence information.  Also, each table or illustration must be counted as one manuscript page due to the increased production time needed for this material.    Extra charges are applied for publication of color graphics.   

All manuscripts submitted for the congress will undergo a multi-tiered peer review process.  First, submissions will be assessed by the review team specified by the congress organizers.  The second tier of peer review will be conducted by the Transplantation Proceedings editorial review team.  Authors will be notified of the outcome by e-mail.